Can I Install a Ceiling Air Handler Vertically? - Ask the Expert Episode 121

Ceiling air handlers are typically installed horizontally, but sometimes you just need to install a ceiling air handler vertically. Let's find out if that's possible.

Video Script:

Today's question comes from Jeff from America: Hey Dan, I would like to install a recessed or ceiling air handler (intended use is horizontal) in a vertical position. I'm doing this because floor or wall-mounted air handlers in the space would be unattractive. Can this be done without damaging the air handler or compromising its functionality?

I guess it could work that way in terms of the refrigerant. But the way they design air handlers is so that the condensation from the coils goes into a pan and then that runs out through a drain. If you installed it vertically, the water might just run out all over your walls and create all sorts of problems.

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  • JT
    Posted on 8/16/2018

    Wow that funny !

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