Can I Install a MrCool Universal Without Ductwork? - Ask the Expert Episode 246

Today's question comes from Robert. "Hey Dan, I use a natural gas boiler to heat the water through my radiators. The home was built in 1917, so there is no ductwork. What work would need to be done to convert to MrCool Universal?"

If you don't have any ductwork, it's going to be a pain to convert over to a MrCool Universal. Really, a pain to convert into any system that would require ductwork. The MrCool Universal is a great system, but it's a central air system. It is designed to work with ductwork.

MrCool makes a lot of mini splits and a lot of people think the MrCool Universal is a mini split and you don't need ductwork for mini splits, but a MrCool Universal is not a mini split. It's a central air unit.

So, to get it to work, you would have to put ductwork in your house.

Alternatively, you could look into the MrCool Multi Zone mini splits.