Can a Mini Split Bring in Fresh Air? - Ask the Expert Episode 274

Today's question comes from Todd.

"Hey Dan, do any of the manufacturers offer a mini split with fresh air capability?"

There are some home central heating and air units that will have devices on them that will occasionally pull fresh air into the house. This is only something you really need if you've got a brand new house of if it's really built tight and doesn't have a lot of air flowing through cracks and holes and all the things you're going to have in an older home.

But there aren't any mini splits that I'm aware of that pull in fresh air. Any mini split that I've ever seen don't pull in fresh air because all the air that's being pushed through is being circulated is going through that air handler. It's either on the wall or the ceiling. No air is passed between the outside condenser and the indoor air handler. The only thing passing through those is refrigerant. And that's just moving heat.

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