Can A Propane Conversion Kit Be Installed for Goodman Furnace Prior To Shipping? - Ask the Expert Episode 194

Today's question is from Casey.

"Hey Dan, I'm getting a Goodman furnace. Can the propane conversion kit be installed prior to shipping?"

No, we do not do that. We don't want to take the unit out of the box, put the propane conversion kit on there, then box it back up, then ship it out. With the volume of orders we ship every day, we simply don't have time for that. We would rather that we ship the propane conversion kit with the furnace, and that your technician installs it in the field to how it's supposed to be when they install the unit.

We typically don't do any modifications like that. But hey, thanks for getting a Goodman furnace!

Now, some units you can get already come with the propane conversion kit field-converted, like the Revolv furnace. You don't have to do anything to those. They already come with everything you need and it's pretty easy.

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