Can I Run a Mini Split Through a Window? - Ask the Expert Episode 159

Sometimes you just want a mini split so bad you are willing to try anything to get one! So, what are you supposed to do when you are not allowed to drill through a wall?

Video Script:

Today's question come from Marilyn. She says: "Hey Dan, I live in a rented house and I can't put holes in the walls. Will the tubes and wiring be able to go out the window on a mini split? Then, can I seal the window where it will be opened?"

Yes, you could do that and it would work. There is no reason why it would not. It would look weird, but if you could seal the window, then yeah, it would be fine. There would not be any problem with it working like that.

However, I would do it with the MRCOOL DIY mini split that has the valves on it that you could close, so if you move apartments, you could take it with you. That would not be the ideal way to install a ductless mini split unit. I think the best way is to drill through the wall. It's neater and a little more energy efficient. It would be really hard to get a window properly sealed.

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