Can I Upgrade My Compressor From R22 to R410A Refrigerant? - Ask the Expert Episode 167

Sometimes an upgrade to your AC unit is in order, but what if you just need to upgrade the compressor from R22 to R410A refrigerant?

Video Script:

Today's question comes from Brian. "Hey Dan, I would like to upgrade my AC unit from R22 to R410A refrigerant. Can I just replace my Copeland compressor that will handle R410A? I was going to dump the oil out and upgrade that as well. Is there a compressor conversion for doing this?"

So, Brian has a Copeland CR28K6-PFV-230 compressor in the outdoor unit. So, can he just change the compressor? No. You can't do that. It probably wouldn't work. Even though you put a compressor in there that's R410A, the rest of condenser probably isn't tested and rated for operating at R410A pressures because R410A has to operate at a higher pressure. So, the coil is probably not tested for that and it would probably fail. I think you would need a different metering device too.

If you're going to convert from R22 to R410A refrigerant, the best thing to do would be to flush the lines you have, and put in units, an air handler and condenser that is meant to use R410A. R410A and R-22 are just so different that doing stuff like you want to do won't really work. You would probably break a lot of expensive equipment.

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  • tereasa miller
    tereasa miller
    Posted on 7/18/2019

    due to the fact that r22 is being removed from market in 2020 what will we be able to replace it with and will it require any changes to our ac?

    thanks for your help. from my freaking out husband in oklahoma

  • Kyle
    Kyle from Ingrams
    Posted on 7/19/2019

    There are replacement refrigerants for R-22 like MO99, RS-44, R-407c, etc. They can work with R-22 rated equipment with some caveats.

    Most R-22 replacements are not going to be supported by the equipment warranty. If you have equipment still under warranty, using the replacement would void it. And you can't add to the R-22 with most of these. You would need to evacuate the R-22 entirely, and replace it with the compatible refrigerant.

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