Can I Use My 3 Zone Mini Split As A 2 Zone? - Ask The Expert Episode 317

Today's question is from Yuan,

"Dan, I have a 3 zone Gree mini split AC that is leaking coolant for the second timeI'm afraid that one of the air handlers has an internal leakI'm thinking about closing one zone pipes to isolate the problemor could be just downgraded to 2 zones and use it this summerCan this be done as you mention with MRCOOL multi-zone 36KThank you for your help in advance!"

As long as you can safely operate it at the necessary capacity, then you should be fine.

Before you do anything, You should always check the manufacturer literature to find out.

If you aren't sure, you should always talk to a local professional.

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  • Matt
    Posted on 8/3/2022

    Amazing. You are great.

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