Can You Change R-22 Refrigerant into R-410A Refrigerant? - Ask the Expert Episode 217

Today's question is from Nimra. "A man claimed to change AC to inverter and changed its gas from R-22 refrigerant into R-410A refrigerant. Is it true sir?"

Maybe they are talking about a variable speed DC inverter unit. There are variable speed DC inverters. They are real systems. A number of companies use them. We've got the MRCOOL Universal and Bosch makes them as well.

But in terms of changing the gas from R-22 refrigerant into R-410A refrigerant, I don't know what you really mean. If you are asking if he changed one to the other, the answer is no. You can't change the chemical composition of the gas. You would need like a lab or something, and that seems unnecessarily expensive. Now, he could have changed a system from running R-22 to R-410A. That could be possible. There are some systems that were designed to use both.

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