How to Clean Air Handlers - Ask the Expert 371

My Mini-Split is dirty! How do I Clean the Indoor Air Handler Without Getting Water Everywhere?

Dan, can you explain the best way to clean air handlers? Is your air handler not performing at its best? It might be time for some cleaning and maintenance. Step 1: Gather Your Supplies.
  • MrCool Care Kit
  • Bucket or Container
  • Step Stool (if needed)
Step 2: Turn Off Air Handler. Turn off the power to your mini-split from the circuit breaker. You wouldn't want any unexpected surprises! Step 3: Remove the filters. These filters can get dusty and dirty, affecting air quality. Step 4: Clean the Filters. Give the filters a good wash with a soap and water solution. Rinse and let them dry completely before reinserting. Step 5: Clean the Air Handler. Follow the MrCool Care Kit's instructions to clean the coil and surrounding components. Step 6: Reassemble and Power Up! Once everything is clean and dry, reassemble the filters and turn the power back on.


To conclude, regular cleaning and maintenance can keep your mini-split air handler running efficiently and extend its lifespan. And with the MrCool Care Kit, the job is even easier! Thanks, Dan!  
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