What to do with Condensate from Mini Split in Basement? - Ask the Expert Episode 259

Today's question comes from Jamie Tuttle.

"So, if I'm installing a mini split in my basement can I run the condensate line into a hole I have in my basement floor for flooding or does it have to go outside because my air handler will be below my air conditioner pump that's going outside?"

As far as the operation of the unit goes, as long as it's flowing out of the condensate drain, we don't really care where you put it. It doesn't matter to the unit. That being said, I doubt there is any code from running your water out through a drain. Just check your local codes.

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  • Becky Capell
    Becky Capell
    Posted on 9/25/2021

    Dan, I got on here to ask a specific question, but I found your videos so entertaining I ended up watching a few just for the smiles. Great approach!
    But now, my question. We have what was originally a 10’ wide mobile home (yes, I know that term is now frowned upon and has been replaced with “manufactured home” that we have added on to. Now it is double in width with a regular pitched roof over the whole works and the addition has a vaulted ceilings. We’ve purchased a 24K Mr Cool and would like to install it on the vaulted “wall” and run the lines across the slight hump of the original roof. So, space wise we’re talking just shy of 3’ to work with. Hopefully you now have a word picture of what we’ve got.
    In the installation videos I’ve watched I have learned that the wall you drill through your wall for all the lines need to be at a slight downward angle. No problem. But, is running them up over that hump before they can be put outside and down the outer wall to the outside unit a problem?
    (I might add that our first choice for placement was goiyto be on the outer wall right above a 6’ window but figured we shouldn’t be drilling our exit hole through the header. Darn it.
    Your input will be greatly appreciated and enjoyed!

  • Dan Danowski
    Dan Danowski from Ingrams
    Posted on 9/27/2021

    Going up slightly and then out will not affect the refrigerant lines. They would be fine. Communication wire is fine too. The condensate drain hose is your concern. It sounds like you would need a condensate drain pump to properly remove moisture. Thanks for the kind words!

  • Kelley
    Posted on 5/26/2021

    I want to install the line sets through my attic but separate the condensate line to drain below the unit. Does it matter if the line set goes up and out of the attic if the condensate line stays below it? Thanks

  • Dan Danowski
    Dan Danowski from Ingrams
    Posted on 5/27/2021

    It does not matter.

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