Can I Connect a 3.5 Ton Air Handler to a 2.5 Ton Condenser? - Ask the Expert Episode 234

Today's question comes from Tim. "I've got a 3.5 ton air handler. Can I match that up with a 2.5 ton condenser from the same brand? Both would use R-410A refrigerant."

The first step is to match your 3.5 ton air handler with a condenser of the same brand, so you're good there. That's always a good step because you are increasing the chances of your HVAC equipment being compatible. So, if the evaporator coil in the 3.5 ton air handler has a thermal expansion valve (TXV) for metering, it will probably work. You would need to check that, but as long as it does, you're probably good to go.

If it doesn't then move forward at your own peril.

Keep in mind when pairing a condenser and air handler, it's okay for the air handler to be a bigger size than the condenser, but never the other way around.

It is also always good to check equipment compatibility with the manufacturer and AHRI as well. In fact, we recommend you do that. We can never guarantee equipment will work correctly unless it has been properly tested by the manufacturer or AHRI.

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  • Todd
    Posted on 10/31/2020

    Can I use a 2 ton mr. Cool universal with a luxair air handler? If so will the mr. Cool 2 ton still be covered by you warranty?

  • Dan Danowski
    Dan Danowski from Ingrams
    Posted on 11/2/2020

    The MrCool Universal is non-communicating, so it can work with non-MrCool air handlers. It does still have warranty in those pairings, but the warranty is reduced to 1 year.

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