What is the Difference in Operating Pressure for R-22 vs. R410A - Ask the Expert Episode 258

Today's question comes from Richard.

"Hey Dan, in a split heat pump system, what is the difference in operating pressure between an R-22 system and an R410A system? Asking as a home warranty tech wants to replace an R-22 complete condenser unit with an R410A unit. I've heard R410A runs at a much higher pressure than R-22."

Yeah, you're right. R410A does run at a much higher pressure than R-22. R-22 is around 300 PSI and R410A is around 550 PSI. If your R-22 coil is not rated for R410A, then that would be a concern for me. I would not want to get an R-22 coil, flush it out, and put R410A in it. That seems like a bad idea. I'm not telling you how to live your life, but don't do it.

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