Does A Ductless Mini Split Have Auxiliary Heat? - Ask the Expert Episode 190

Today's question comes from Doug. "Hey Dan, I'm building a 28x28 structure in Eastern West Virginia. Can a ductless mini split heat and cool year-round? Does it have auxiliary heat?"

So, there are ductless air conditioners that are just air conditioners, and obviously they don't heat. But if you get a ductless heat pump, that will heat and cool all year long.

So, in West Virginia, in the mountains you probably get some snow and cold temperatures so you might want to get something like the Olympus Hyper Heat or the Mitsubishi Hyper Heat. They are more built for low temperatures.

In terms of auxiliary heat, most mini splits don't have that. When you get a regular furnace system or an air conditioner or a heat pump or something, you get heat strips. They are just these electric strips that go inside an air handler. So, if your gas furnace goes out or something, you would have auxiliary heat from those heat strips.

Most mini splits don't have any type of auxiliary heat like that. They are smaller so space is a premium. There is not really a place to put auxiliary heat strips. There are some rare types of mini splits that do that. But overall, they don't. But for a 28x28 building if you get a Hyper Heat unit, I think you will be in pretty good shape.

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  • Daniel Oberholtzer
    Daniel Oberholtzer
    Posted on 9/13/2020

    Do they have compressor heaters?

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