Why Don't Mini Splits Use a Liquid Line Filter Dryer? - Ask the Expert Episode 257

Today's question comes from Albert.

"Hey Dan, why do mini splits don't require a liquid line filter drier or do you add one on installation?"

We're not familiar with any mini-split brand that requires a liquid line filter drier. We have not heard of them being added after installation. As to why they don't, we don't know. You will just have to ask the manufacturers. Thing is, you're not exactly missing out on anything. You should just install the mini split in your home and enjoy it!

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  • Michael Dowd
    Michael Dowd
    Posted on 4/7/2021

    Love the Humor, he's really funny. The videos are very informative. Thank you for showing them. Mike from Brooklyn NY

  • Mike Mike
    Mike Mike
    Posted on 4/6/2021

    Hello my question is this I purchase this mini split system now it's about second year I see in side unit the grill is so dirty we clean the filter everything but inside coil is dirty how to clean safely because it is in the bedroom if if I use hose is going to mess my bedroom set tell me how to clean nicely thank you.

  • Dan Danowski
    Dan Danowski from Ingrams
    Posted on 4/8/2021

    There are mini-split cleaning kits that you can buy that help solve this problem. Basically you put a plastic cover around and under the air handler. That cover had a tube that runs into a 5 gallon bucket. This way the air handler coil can be cleaned without getting mess all over your house.

  • John C
    John C
    Posted on 4/6/2021

    There is no traditional liquid line on a mini split. The smaller diameter line that people think is the "liquid line" is actually AFTER the expansion valve, as the expansion valve is inside the mini split outdoor unit - which is much different than how a traditional split-AC system works. If you opened up a mini split outdoor unit, some manufacturers have a small dryer of some sort on the actual liquid line, which is going to be a very short line before the expansion valve.

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