What is a Ductless Air Conditioner? - Ask the Expert Episode 106

World renowned HVAC expert, Dan Danowski, explains what a ductless air conditioner is vs. a conventional air conditioning system.

Video Script:

Welcome to Ask the Expert, I'm the expert, Dan Danowski for IWAE.com. Today we're going to answer really good heating and air conditioning questions that you guys have got. Today's question is from Marcus in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Marcus says, "Hey Dan, what is a ductless air conditioner?"

So, a typical air conditioner, you're probably familiar with it. You've got a big condenser, a big square box outside and maybe you've got an indoor air handler in an attic or a crawl space or a closet. Those are pretty big.

Ductless systems are smaller, are typically called mini splits and they don't use ductwork. You've got a smaller condenser, a little rectangular thing outside the house and connects through conduit cables, really thin small cables into an air handler, usually on the other side of the wall. The advantage of ductless is you can get targeted air comfort. Your kitchen might always be hot. Put a ductless unit in and you can keep it cool while you're baking pies for Aunt Margaret.

Maybe your bedroom never gets cold and you're always hot in the summer. Ok, put a ductless unit in and keep your bedroom cool for when you're sleeping.

You can even do a whole house system with a multi-zone ductless. A lot of people don't need that. If you're gonna do the whole house, central is usually better. For some people who live in New England and you've got a historic home and it doesn't have room for ductwork, a ductless multi-zone may be a right fit.

That's what they are and if you need one, we'd love to sell you one for American dollars.

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  • rose
    Posted on 11/19/2018

    Approx. what is the cost range for a whole house system with a multi-zone ductless

  • Kyle
    Kyle from Ingrams
    Posted on 11/19/2018

    That is a very wide range. If you only need a dual-zone, the equipment cost will be around $1500. However, if you need a five-zone system with ceiling cassettes, that gets much more expensive (around $6000). That is not factoring in labor.

  • Rose
    Posted on 11/19/2018

    So, how does the ductless multi-zone ductless works on an historical home

  • Kyle
    Kyle from Ingrams
    Posted on 11/19/2018

    They work great for historic homes, since old homes usually lack the space for duct work.

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