How Do I Make "Follow Me" Mode the Default Mode? Ask the Expert 381

How do I make "Follow Me" mode the default mode?

First off, what is the "Follow Me" function? To begin, it is more than just a setting. It's a personalized climate control experience. Sometimes there are parts of your home that don’t heat or cool the same as the rest of the room. When activated from your remote control, your air conditioner cleverly uses the remote control as a temperature sensor. This means that wherever you go with the remote, the unit will prioritize that specific area for maintaining the perfect temperature. Why use the "Follow Me" function? Tailored Comfort - The MrCool DIY adapts to your immediate surroundings. It ensures you experience optimal comfort where it matters most. Energy Efficiency - By concentrating on the area around the remote, you're not just enhancing comfort but also optimizing energy use. The system focuses on cooling or heating where you are, rather than the entire space.

Can you set "Follow Me" as default?

While "follow me" is a game-changer for comfort, unfortunately, it cannot be set as the default mode. The manufacturer has made pre-set default modes for the unit. You have to manually activate it whenever you want to enjoy personalized comfort based on the temperature around the remote control.  
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Thank you for providing this confirmation. I wish it could stay with the remote.
You can buy a mini stat or Cielo remote thermostat, then use the "Comfy" mode, Set up the temp range for it to turn on and off. I have the Cielo and it works great. You can also access the thermostat remotely on your phone.
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