GeoCool Geothermal - The Highest Quality and Made in America

Our GeoCool geothermal heat pump systems come with a ten-year warranty and the highest EER in the industry to help you save money.

Every now and again, someone creates a product that changes the world. Something so artistically designed and expertly crafted, you wonder how it's even possible. A product that changes the way we live our lives and how we treat the earth. With masterful skill, precision, and years of research, Geocool has created that product.

Our GeoCool geothermal heat pump systems are tested to the highest standards, built with the best parts, and made in America. With a ten-year warranty, each system is constructed to stand the test of time, to use efficient, renewable energy, that will help you save money, and save our planet, and make your home a place of peace and comfort.

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