What is a Geothermal Heat Pump? Ask the Expert 357

What is a Geothermal Heat Pump? We need your expert advice, Dan!

Let's dig deep into the world of geothermal heat pumps! So grab your shovels (metaphorically speaking) and let's unearth the wonders of this magical device. First off, imagine a heat pump that harnesses the Earth's natural warmth to keep you cozy in the winter and refreshingly cool in the summer. So how does it work? It's simple, really! Instead of relying on external air, a geothermal operates on the principle that the temperature beneath the Earth's surface remains relatively constant throughout the year. It operates by utilizing a closed-loop system, typically consisting of pipes buried underground. A heat transfer fluid, such as a water and antifreeze mixture, circulates through these pipes. Next, in heating mode, the fluid absorbs the Earth's heat from the ground as it flows through the pipes. The heat pump then extracts this heat from the fluid and distributes it throughout the building to provide warmth. Or during cooling mode, the process is reversed! With the heat pump extracting heat from the indoor space and transferring it to the cooler ground through the loop system. By tapping into renewable energy from the Earth, geothermal heat pumps offer energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly heating and cooling solutions for homes and buildings. Ready to take the plunge into geothermal wonderland? Contact one of our HVAC professionals today to explore the benefits of geothermal heat pumps for your home! Stay comfortable, folks! Thanks Dan!
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Marlene McDougald
Have had 2 geothermal units in home since 1995. Our loop is in our pond instead of in ground. This is a great system. Very, very efficient. Upfront cost is more but you will recoup the difference in savings on the electric bill. We also incorporated the hot water into the system saving even more. Highly recommend geothermal.i am sure the newer units are even better.
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