How to Install a MRCOOL LineGuard Line Set Cover Kit

Now that you've installed the MRCOOL DIY Ductless Mini Split, you may be interested in installing the MRCOOL LineGuard line set cover. Here's how.

The LineGuard protects your line set from various weather conditions, and also keeps the outside of your home looking nice. Over time, the sun can damage your line set. The MRCOOL LineGuard will protect your line set from sun exposure and will prolong the life of your system.

The first thing you will do when installing your MRCOOL LineGuard is set up the framing. We're going to drill the frame to the outside wall where the line set comes out from the indoor unit and connects to the outdoor unit.

Once your frame is screwed to the outside wall, you will want to use the provided zip ties provided to secure the line set to the frame.

Next you will want to secure the top of the MRCOOL LineGuard into place. After that, all the other pieces simply snap on.

The MRCOOL LineGuard comes with an assortment of measurements so that you can line it up with your home's needs. It even comes with an elbow piece in case you have to install your LineGuard at an angle.

Once again another easy-to-install product by MRCOOL.

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