Does Ingrams Sell Scratch and Dent HVAC Systems? - Ask The Expert Episode 127

Does Ingrams Water and Air sell scratch and dent air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces or other hvac items? Dan Danowski has the answer.

Video Script:

Today's question is from Gary in Florida. He asks: "Do you guys have any scratch or dent units?"

Then answer? Yeah. We do. You can find them on Just go to the HVAC Outlet section of the website. So, what do we consider scratch and dent? Sometimes we ship a unit to a customer and it gets dinged up and they say, hey, I don't want this. Or we get it from a supplier and it's a little dinged up. Or maybe someone in the warehouse dropped something on it. They're cheaper, but they all work well. We inspect them to make sure they are okay, and they have a full warranty. It just might not be as pretty as the other units.

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