How Do You Install the Air Filter on a Revolv Evaporator Coil? - Ask the Expert Episode 165

Not all evaporator coils look the same, and that can especially be said for the Revolv evaporator coil. So, how you install the air filter could be confusing.

Video Script:

"Hey Dan, I am looking at a Revolv evaporator coil. I'm not sure which way I should install the air filter. Does the filter just lay on each side of the unit?"

No. It does not. The particular coil she is asking about is an "a" coil because it sort of looks like the letter "A". It is also uncased, so you see the coils on the sides, and she's asking if you just lay a filter on either side. You don't do that because it would not be very effective.

The filter in a home heating and air split system or a package system is going to be placed somewhere between the return supply and the air handler, or the package unit, depending on what you have. The return is the air going out to the air handler. You would install the air filter between that. It would be somewhere in the ductwork. You would not just lay it on the coil. I guess you could lay one on the coil, but it wouldn't really do anything.

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  • Mary Vance
    Mary Vance
    Posted on 5/15/2020

    Does a filter lye over the top? Does this unit require two filters ?

  • Kyle
    Kyle from Ingrams
    Posted on 5/18/2020

    No, not usually. Typically, the filter would be placed somewhere in the ductwork return air before it gets to this coil.

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