Installing A MrCool LineGuard Line Set Cover Onto A Brick Wall

So, you've just installed a MrCool ductless mini split system, and you want to cover the line set with the MrCool LineGuard line set cover. The only problem is, you've got a brick wall. Well, the good news is, installing a MrCool LineGuard line set cover on brick or concrete is not much different than installing it on wood or siding.

All you need is a drill and a masonry drill bit that matches the tapcon screws you decide to use for mounting. Tapcon screws will allow you to drill securely into the brick or concrete wall. Look at the pieces that come in the MrCool LineGuard line set cover box and measure it against the amount of line set you have coming out of the wall.

Then, place the framing of the MrCool LineGuard line set cover according to the line set shape. Be sure the MrCool LineGuard line set cover is level before you start drilling. A tip for brick walls is to drill into the mortar between the bricks. It will save you time and energy throughout the install. Once the frame is secure, just snap the rest of the MrCool LineGuard line set cover into place, and use the screws that come with the joint and end pieces to secure the line set cover.

Whether through brick, concrete, siding, or wood, MrCool has made it easier to install your new LineGuard line set cover, protecting your line set for many years to come.

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