How to Find Out if My Unit is Still Under Warranty? Ask the Expert 375

How to find out if my unit is still under warranty?

A warranty can be a lifesaver when it comes to unexpected repair costs. Take these steps to determine if your unit is covered. First, Locate your Documentation - Find the original purchase papers. It could be the owner's manual or installation manual. Next, Check the Manufacturer's Website - If you can't find your manuals, don't worry. Most air conditioner manufacturers have an online section on their website dedicated to warranty information. Also, Contact the Manufacturer - If you're still unsure after checking online, reach out to the manufacturer directly. Customer support can assist you in finding your coverage. You can even try Contacting the Installer - If you had a professional HVAC company install your A.C. they might also have records of your coverage information. And last, Inspect the Unit - The information may be on the A.C. unit itself. Check for stickers or labels that provide details about the coverage, duration, and any contact information.

Is your unit's warranty still active?

If your unit is still under warranty, congrats! Rest assured. Don't worry if it has expired. You can still ensure your A.C. systems's longevity by scheduling regular maintenance with an HVAC professional.
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