What Kind of Mini Split Should I Get? - Ask the Expert Episode 253

Today's question is from Greg.

"Hey Dan, our cabin is located in Michigan's lower northern peninsula. The cabin is only 600 square feet and well-insulated. We rarely go up there in the winter. Our hope is to extend the fall and early spring seasons. Any suggestions?"

The lower northern peninsula still gets really cold in the winter, so if you're going to do a mini split you will need to get a Hyper Heat unit. You could get the MrCool Hyper Heat, you could get the Mitsubishi Hyper Heat. You're going to want a mini split that is designed to work in as low a temperature as you can find. Some of those mini splits will work well below zero. To be fair, I would look into some sort of backup heat, too. You might want to have that just in case.

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  • Teri
    Posted on 3/29/2021

    I was wondering if on a mini split, can the condenser be placed in an attic that has a whole house fan?

  • Dan Danowski
    Dan Danowski from Ingrams
    Posted on 3/30/2021

    We generally would not recommend installing a condenser in an attic.

  • amber
    Posted on 3/22/2021

    we're in NW Indiana. looking to put a mini split in a home as primary heat and a/c. is this possible?

  • Dan Danowski
    Dan Danowski from Ingrams
    Posted on 3/23/2021

    Is it possible? Yes, however, it might not be the best idea. As far as primary cooling goes, no problem, but heating in your climate could be an issue. There are Hyper Heat mini-splits that will deliver solid performance, and it might be all you need. That being said, NW Indiana can have severe cold weather, so I would recommend a furnace or boiler of some kind for dedicated winter heat.

  • Albert
    Posted on 3/16/2021

    Why do mini splits don’t require a liquid line filter drier, or do you add one on installation?

  • Dan Danowski
    Dan Danowski from Ingrams
    Posted on 3/17/2021

    As far as we know, no major brands of which we are aware use filter dryers on mini-splits. You would have to ask them to determine why.

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