How do I know what length of wood my wood stove takes? - Ask The Expert Episode 328

Oh, hey there! Welcome to ask the expert I’m your expert Dan Danowski with Today I'm going to read a heating and cooling question. We're out in a warehouse day, so if you hear some beeping it's a forklift probably coming right for us. Anyway! "Hey, Dan." Hey. "How do I know what length of wood my wood stove takes?" Oh, okay. That's a good question. Yeah. You know, wood stoves come in all shapes and sizes, and wood does not. So how do you know which piece of wood is going to fit inside your stove? Umm... Well, you're going to go to the owner's manual and it will say, it’ll be in there. So, for example, I looked up a US Stove AW1120EP. That's a pedestal wood stove we got on the website. And I was like, okay, how big a piece of wood can you put in there? And they say, maximum length is 18 inches. Yeah. So if it's 19, don't put it in that. 17? It's okay. That's how you figure it out. Okay, bye.

Oh, hey! Do you know how small or big something can be to be put inside another thing where combustion happens and fire? Then apparently this is the place to ask it. Okay. Bye!

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  • Alex
    Posted on 10/25/2022

    Question: I have MrCool 230 outdoor unit and 115 indoor (I screwdup with buying them separately). Is there a way to get proper voltage to the indoor unit? By switching the terminal on outdoor unit where the indoor unit feed comes from?

  • Rebekah Muller
    Rebekah Muller from Ingrams
    Posted on 10/28/2022

    They must match. Please call our tech department at 270-575-9595.

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