How Long can a Line Set be on a MrCool Olympus with Three Air Handlers? - Ask the Expert Episode 156

The MrCool Olympus ductless mini-split is a great alternative to a traditional split system. But while we know you like to push the limits, there is only so much an AC unit can handle.

Video Script:

Today's question comes from Robert Shattuck: "Hey Dan, is there a limit on the copper line set from the outside unit to the inside unit on a 27k MrCool Olympus Ductless Heat Pump with three air handlers?"

What he's talking about is the MrCool Olympus Multi-zone Ductless Mini Split. With that you're going to have one outside condenser that's going to connect to two or more inside air handlers. You have to run copper lines from the air handlers back to the condenser. So, he wants to know if there is a limit on the length from the outside unit to an inside unit. The answer is yes.

On this one, the max line length for an indoor unit is going to be 82 feet. Then for all the indoor units it would be 148 feet. So, you couldn't go any farther than that because it just won't push it that far. It's like a train going up hill. Except, instead of the little engine that could, this is the condenser that won't go over 148 feet.

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