What is the Lowest Temperature Setting on the MrCool Mini Stat? - Ask the Expert Episode 229

Today's question is from Mark Steven Lorenzen. "Hey Dan, how low can you set the MrCool Mini Stat thermostat? Will it go to 56 degrees?" What is the lowest temperature setting on the MrCool Mini Stat?

Ok, so for those of you who don't know about the MrCool Mini Stat, it's essentially a wall thermometer for the MrCool Ductless Mini Split. They are made by MrCool for their heat pumps, their ductless units.

It's got temperature settings from 50 to 99 degrees cooling and 40 to 90 degrees for heating. So, yes, you could do 56 degrees. Obviously, you have to make sure the ductless unit you have will actually cool down that low. The mini stat is just a thermometer, it can't magically make a mini split that won't go down to 56 go down to 56 degrees.

So if you have a heat pump ductless unit that only goes down to 60, well it doesn't matter how far the mini stat will go down. You need to make sure they could sync up like that.

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