How Many Air Handlers Do I Need for a Multi-Zone Mini Split? - Ask the Expert Episode 184

"I'm interested in a MrCool Olympus Multi-Zone Mini Split System. We are remodeling our home and wondering if we could buy a four-zone condenser and attach only one air handler at a time as the rooms are completed. Or do they all need to be connected at the same time?"

All the air handlers for a Multi-Zone Mini Split don't have to be connected at the same time, but you can't put in one at a time. You couldn't just put in one air handler to the condenser and run it. I don't remember the exact amount that would need to be on a four-zone. I think you would have to put in at least two of them. Then you could put on others later.

Doing some, then adding others, could be helpful.

A MrCool Olympus Multi-Zone Mini Split would be a great thing to add while remodeling. They are very flexible and efficient.

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