Does a Mini Split Condenser Emit Water? - Ask the Expert Episode 255

Today's question comes from Edith Robertson.

"Hey Dan, does the condenser unit of a mini split emit water? The unit I'm looking for has an outdoor drain line, but is there water other than the drain line water that might cause dampness on a slab on grade? The specs say the condenser may cause dampness, so I'm thinking of having the condenser installed several feet from the indoor unit on the ground rather than on the slab on which the stud wall is built. Any thoughts?"

Yes. A condenser of a mini split can have condensate coming off of it other than the drain line. If it's a heat pump and you're using it to heat with in the winter, there can be condensate build up in the winter. That will drain out through the condensate drain line through the condenser. It's usually not a big deal.

Generally, when you put it on a slab you want to angle it slightly so any of the condensate will drain off. If you just want to put it on the ground, that's perfectly fine too.

This is all just a normal part of condensate operation.

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  • John Kane
    John Kane
    Posted on 3/26/2021

    Hey Dan.
    I want to put a MrCool wall unit in my basement. I have 2 questions about that.
    1) Are there any special concerns about running the refrigerant lines out when the condenser sits above the wall unit?
    2) This wall unit will be hanging on a solid cement wall. I will need to run the lines out of the side of the unit and not the back. Can I just punch a hole in the side of the wall unit and run the lines out sideways?

  • Dan Danowski
    Dan Danowski from Ingrams
    Posted on 3/27/2021

    There should not be an issue with the lines. Obviously, make sure that your condensate drain is not going up (or you have a condensate pump).

    You should be able to punch a hole. Most mini-split air handlers will have knockout panels on the sides that you can remove to run the lines out the right or the left.

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