Why is My Mini Split Leaking Water? - Ask the Expert Episode 175

Questions about a ductless mini split leaking are common. But the issue is often very easily fixed. Let's hear what Dan Danowski has to say about it.

Judith asks, "Why is my Ductless Mini Split leaking?"

"Hey Dan, my ductless mini split leaks water inside the house and down the wall. A lot of water. The unit is set on cool mode at 75 degrees. It has done this three times now. The water in the drain hose seems to be full of water. I shake it to get it out. It seems to suck what's left back up the hose. What can I do to fix this?"

The issue for your ductless mini split leaking seems pretty straight forward. The drain hose is probably not angled downward properly. You definitely shouldn't have to shake it to get the water out. It also shouldn't get sucked back up the drain hose.

You might need to fiddle with it a little bit, though. The water drains out because of gravity. So the drain always needs to be going downward. If for some reason you can't do it that way, like you have to go up over something to get the drain hose out of the house, then what you need is a condensate pump. Condensate pumps go inside the air handlers on mini splits and they pump the water out. That's why they are called condensate pumps.

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  • Victor
    Posted on 7/26/2020

    I have an older Mitsubishi Mr Slim mini split. Came with the house. About a week ago, I cleaned the filters. Three nights ago, I noticed water dripping from the vents of the wall unit. This went on for two nights, but the unit was cooling. Last night, the unit would not cool. The drain pipe is pitched at the right angle and I haven't noticed ice buildup on the condenser (thought I haven't ruled it out). Could the water drip have damaged the unit?

  • Steven
    Steven from Ingrams
    Posted on 7/27/2020

    The water drip is just condensation. Is the internal drain pan overflowing, or maybe has a crack in it and is leaking? Either way, it shouldn't have been the cause of damage to the system. You should call a local HVAC tech to come out and diagnose the issue.

  • Kenny Ziesmer
    Kenny Ziesmer
    Posted on 10/10/2019

    Why is my 2 ton mr cool heat pump have water coming out with the air and dripping off the louvers drain pan is empty off water it is draining

  • Kyle
    Kyle from Ingrams
    Posted on 10/11/2019

    The biggest reason any mini-split leaks water is a clogged drain line. Make doubly sure yours isn't clogged. If that doesn't fix it, call us at 270-575-9595 x300, and our tech guys can walk you through some options.

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