If A Mini Split Has Low Refrigerant Does It Affect Heating? - Ask the Expert Episode 181

Today's question is from David and Betsy. "Hey Dan, if a mini split has low refrigerant in the winter, does that affect the heating abilities?"

So, refrigerant doesn't make stuff colder. At least, not directly. What it does is it acts as a vehicle that the system uses to move the heat in or out. If you're wanting to make it colder, what a mini split heat pump air conditioner is doing is taking the heat from inside the room, putting it in the refrigerant, and sending it outside.

If your mini split has low refrigerant, it's not going to cool as well. That also means that if you're trying to heat in the winter (taking the heat from the outside and bringing it in) it's not going to do that as well either because there just isn't as much refrigerant to do it.

So, yeah. If your mini split has low refrigerant or an air conditioner of any kind has low refrigerant, it's bad whether you're trying to heat or cool with it.

One quick thing: Freon is actually a brand name of many different types of refrigerant.

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  • Jacques Couture
    Jacques Couture
    Posted on 4/24/2020

    Good afternoon gentlemen, I have a 12,000 BTU mini split in my bedroom, having difficulty getting the proper feedback from your technical department in the operation of the remote, getting conflicting information .

    Temperature in the room 76° I set the remote at 72 degrees, when the room reaches the 72° set on remote it does not shut off it keeps going an even cooling a little below the 72. Is the remote supposed to turn off the mini split when it reaches temperature.

    Another example, the room temperature is at 73 degrees I set the remote at 76 degrees the mini split starts up and starts to cool lightly. The room is already cooler then the temperature on the remote why does it start up.

    The same thing happens when I put it on the cool Mode. From what I read in the manuals the only way to stop and start is with the timing procedure on remote. I'm having trouble understanding exactly the function of the remote it seems to work to adjusted temperature but When it gets to that temperature doesn't turn off and keeps cooling. Hope you can help me with this. Thank you

  • Kyle
    Kyle from Ingrams
    Posted on 4/27/2020

    When a MrCool mini-split reaches the temperature that you set, the compressor shuts off. However, the air handler fan does keep working.

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