What Do I Do If I Mixed R-22 and R410a Refrigerants? - Ask the Expert Episode 172

Sometimes people do things they shouldn't. And sometimes those things can completely destroy your HVAC system. Like mixing R-22 and R410a refrigerant.

Video Script:

Today's question comes from Jakob. "Hey Dan, I'm looking out for my father who accidentally mixed R-22 and R410a refrigerant in an R-22 ac system. He only put some in until realizing what he did. The air conditioner no longer runs and we need to get the gas sucked out in the next two days. Nobody is available to take the gas out for us. Is there a way we could do it ourselves?"

Legally, no. You're really not supposed to handle refrigerant like vacuuming it and charging it without a license from the EPA, so I could not advise you to do that. In terms of the air conditioner, once you do get somebody there who can evacuate the system and get it fully pulled out, the unit should be okay unless you did run it and it had R-22 and R410a refrigerant at the same time. That would be bad.

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