Does the MrCool Advantage Heat by Electric or Propane? - Ask the Expert Episode 187

Today's question is from J. Sutton. "Does the MrCool Advantage heat by electric or propane?"

The MrCool Advantage heat pump uses electricity to heat. In case you don't know, a heat pump is like an air conditioner. It takes heat out of your house and throws it outside. That's how it keeps your house cooler.

When it goes to heat, it runs in reverse by taking the heat from the outside and bringing it inside. That's how it makes your house warmer. So, it uses electricity for the process.

It doesn't do it like an electric furnace, though. That is just like a toaster heating, except bigger. That's the most inefficient way to heat your home. Heat pumps are way more efficient that a regular electric furnace.

MrCool Advantage heat pumps also don't use propane. I'm not familiar with any mini splits that use propane or natural gas or coal or any fossil fuels. The closest thing you could get would be like a wall heater. Some of them use natural gas. Those are not mini splits. They are more like PTAC furnaces.

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  • Greg Olsen
    Greg Olsen
    Posted on 11/26/2019

    Two questions for you:

    1. Why doesn't the Mr. Cool DIY outdoor unit fan modulate its speed as the indoor unit does? Doesn't it waste a lot of energy to have the fan on full speed?

    2. Will any of if any of the other, more efficient, Mr. Cool mini-split models offer DIY configurations? Especially those with modulating outdoor fans and hyper heat.

    Thank you.

  • Kyle
    Kyle from Ingrams
    Posted on 11/27/2019

    The Advantage is an economy product, so it doesn't have the bells and whistles other models might. The next generation MrCool DIY will be Energy Star rated for the 12k, 18k, and 24k models. They will come in at 22 SEER for the 12k, and 20 SEER for the 18k and 24k. As far as a Hyper Heat DIY, we don't have any information on a product like that at the present time.

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