Can The MrCool DIY 12K Air Handler Be Mounted In A Mobile Home? - Ask the Expert Episode 188

Today's question is from E. A. Hadley. "Can the MrCool DIY 12k Air Handler be mounted in an older mobile home with thin walls? How heavy is it?"

The MrCool DIY 12K air handler is like 20 pounds, I think. They are not very heavy. Most mini split air handlers are not heavy. Just about any normal wall will support it. It would have to be really, really thin not to. So, unless your walls are made of paper, you're probably going to be okay.

The air handler is the light part on a mini split. The condenser is heavier because that's where the compressor is. If you're worried about wall support, I would be more worried about the condenser. So be sure you put the condenser on the ground and on a plastic base pad if you're worried about that.

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