MRCOOL DIY - The "Coolest" Studio Space

The MRCOOL DIY Ductless Mini Split is great for all kinds of spaces. In this video, we get to see it in action in an artist's studio from Berea, Kentucky.

Video Script:

I'm Laura Poulette. I paint botanical water colors based on things that I find in my woods. I collect whatever is in season, so my studio days really start with taking a walk around our trails collecting tree bits, wild flowers, grasses. And then I bring them here back to my studio and work with them and paint them. I often fashion them into words or letters. That is really distinctive of my work. It really sets my work apart from other botanical illustration.

We built this space very quickly. My husband and I, we lived in it with our two kids for four years while we built our normal-sized house. It kind of transitioned to my studio after we moved out of it. For the first couple of years that I used the studio I didn't have any cooling. It would be miserable out here. So, we put in a window unit as a stop gap measure and it was grim. So, having a MRCOOL has made this space feel so much more functional in any weather. I don't have think, oh I should really be out there today, it's going to be too hot.

I can come over, turn it on and it cools down so quickly. I do spend part of my day outside collecting materials, so it's nice to know that I can come back to a comfortable, workable space.

We are DIY inclined anyway, having built our own house. We haven't done any HVAC installation before, but truly, this MRCOOL DIY unit was simple to install. I do see that I will be more productive in the summer because I have this cool, lovely space.

Just the fact that this technology is affordable is amazing. When we first read about mini splits, we thought, oh yeah, that sounds great if we were building a big, fine home that was way out of reach, but being able to DIY this, and the scale of these systems really work for our lives and the way that we do things.

Heating and cooling is such a big energy use, it's a no-brainer to use these units that are so efficient. That feels like the right thing to do. All of our other choices in our home and homestead have been very mindful and intentional. And this feels like another piece of how to build an intentional home and studio.

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