MrCool DIY Is The Perfect Air Conditioner For Tiny Homes

ATX Tiny Casas use the MrCool DIY for their tiny house builds. They say it's the perfect air conditioner for tiny homes.

ATX Tiny Casas builds tiny homes on wheels specifically so you can move them around from place to place and so you can work from any location.

The MrCool DIY series has really changed our business. We used a lot of other mini splits before. We are out of Texas, so one of the more expensive vendors in Texas is an HVAC professional, so when the mini splits arrive, you typically have to charge the lines, have people come out and install them. But with the MrCool DIY set up, it comes all in one package and it's actually very easy to install.

It's a minimalistic option for a minimalistic space. The MrCool DIY mini split does heat and cool a space. Our homes are typically 200-400 square feet and the 12K BTU MrCool DIY mini splits heat and cool the space very nicely without any extra effort. And it's 105 degrees here in Texas.

I think there are two different type of subsets as to why people are drawn to small living. One is income-producing. The second would be the minimalistic lifestyle that everybody talks about. To live your life without so many possessions, only the possessions that you really need, and then to be able to move around.

Everybody who walks in, they immediately say, "Oh my gosh, it's so cool in here." And I say, "That's MrCool."

The MrCool DIY Mini Split really is the perfect air conditioner for tiny homes!

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