Are All MrCool Ductless Mini Splits DIY? - Ask the Expert Episode 174

A lot of people think when you buy MrCool ductless mini splits that you are buying a DIY mini split. But that isn't necessarily the case! Let's find out why.

Video Script:

Today's question comes from Mike. "Hey Dan, my line set is not attached to my air handler. All the instruction videos show them as attached and pre-charged. Have I missed something? Is the refrigerant stored inside the outside condenser unit and then fills the lines once connected and unlocked?"

So, he's talking about MrCool ductless mini splits. I think the installation videos you've been looking at are for the MrCool DIY ductless mini splits. For this lineup, the line set is attached to the air handler. Most ductless mini splits on the market don't have the line set attached to the air handler. Most mini splits come with the air handler and the condenser and then a line set is sold separately. They require some professional skill to put in. You have to vacuum the lines and then charge them with refrigerant.

I think you probably meant to buy a MrCool DIY ductless mini split and you got something else that is not supposed to be for do-it-yourself people. You are right, though, that in this case the refrigerant is in the condenser. And it is supposed to fill the lines once everything is hooked up, but I would recommend you not do that. You probably do not have the tools necessary to do that right. You could release refrigerant into the atmosphere, which is an EPA violation. You could also accidentally blast it into your face.

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