MRCOOL Ductless Systems Come with a Warranty

When you buy a MRCOOL mini split system, we want you to feel comfortable with your purchase. That's why our mini split systems come with a warranty. Most of our mini split systems, including our DIY systems, are backed by a seven year compressor warranty and a five year parts warranty. The Advantage system is backed by a one year compressor warranty and a two year parts warranty. You will find your warranty card within the mini split packaging. All you have to do is fill it out and mail it. An easier way to fill out warranty information is to visit Then click "online registration." You will then fill out some general information. You will need to know the unit's model number, serial number, and date of installation. Be sure to click the "add more" button for adding the condenser and extra air handlers, especially when inputting a multi-zone system with multiple parts. You can find the unit's serial numbers and model numbers on the right side of the air handler and the right side of the outdoor condenser. The warranty covers the product against failures due to defect materials or workmanship with normal use and maintenance. Be sure to read the warranty card or go to to read more information or specifics about what the warranty covers or does not cover.
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