Is A MrCool Mini Split Available In the United Kingdom? - Ask the Expert Episode 185

"Is the MrCool mini split system available in the United Kingdom? What about an equivalent one? Would MrCool deliver to the UK?"

I don't think MrCool is for sale in the United Kingdom. I think it is only in the United States and Canada.

Would they deliver one to you? Well, MrCool doesn't sell direct, but Ingrams Water and Air would certainly ship you one if you want to pay us enough money. We would probably ship it to New York and you could pay for it the rest of the way.

I don't actually know if the MrCool mini split would be legal to install in Europe or if the electrical would work. You guys use weird stuff (like the metric system). And we don't because...America. But it would be great. You should totally send us your money and we'll send you a MrCool mini split. Good luck!

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