Are All MrCool Products DIY? - Ask the Expert Episode 125

MRCOOL offers an excellent DIY option for their Ductless Mini Splits, however, some people think all of the products are DIY. Is that true?

Video Script:

Are all of MRCOOL's Products DIY? The answer is no. MRCOOL has a series of products called DIY, but that is not all of MRCOOL.  All the other products, the Advantage, the Olympus, the Oasis, they are not do it yourself.

They are conventional products that you need to charge and vacuum. We recommend a professional to do that. And there are no MRCOOL multi-zone DIYs or any other kind of multizone do-it-yourself products that we know of. Multi-zones are pretty complicated. More complicated than one air handler and one condenser.

You might have to have different line lengths for a multi-zone installation. If you've got an air handler in your kitchen, and you've got an air handler in your back bedroom and they've got to go to one condenser. Maybe it's closer to one than the other, so they can't all be 25 feet, which is the standard line set on a DIY. Make sure if you want a DIY, you buy a DIY.

Maybe somebody will do that someday, but as of today in 2018, there aren't any.

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  • kevin pipes
    kevin pipes
    Posted on 4/12/2019

    Dan, Thanks for answering my question. funny guy.

  • Kyle
    Kyle from Ingrams
    Posted on 4/15/2019

    You're welcome!

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