MrCool Universal Quick Connect Line Set Installation

This video shows you how easy the MrCool Universal Quick Connect line set installation really is.

The two to three ton MrCool Universal series heat pump split system was designed for easy installation, and the ultimate efficiency for heating and cooling your entire home. With a little knowledge, the MrCool Quick Connect line set installation option makes it a breeze.

Today we’re going to show you just how easy it is to install the MrCool Universal using the pre-charged quick connect line set.

The two main parts for this system are the outdoor condenser and the indoor air handler.

You will want to determine where you would like your condenser, and you will need to be certain of your home needs.

In this installation, we are setting up the air handler in the horizontal position in the attic, running the line set from the attic and to the condenser outside.

For this particular installation, we are setting the unit to run as a two-ton instead of a three ton. For this you will need to set the dip switches on both the condenser and the air handler. The settings can be found in the installation manual that comes with your system.

For this installation we used the MrCool Pre-Charged Quick Connect line set to connect from the condenser to the indoor air handler.

From the attic we drilled a three and a half inch hole for the line set. Depending on the length between the air handler and the line set, you may need more than one line set. In that case you will need to get the MrCool Universal Quick Connect Line Set Coupler Kit which allows you to connect up to 3 line sets together.

The MrCool Universal Coupler Kit screws into the middle connections of the line sets, and we threaded them by hand and tightened them with wrenches.

On the air handler, we unscrewed the flare fitting and screwed the quick connect fittings onto the air handler so we could use the pre charged line sets.

We then moved the air handler where it would line up with the existing ductwork.

Then we connected the line set to the outdoor condenser by threading them by hand and then using a wrench to tighten.

We then used the same method for the indoor air handler.

Then, unscrew the valve covers at the line set. You will open the valves using Allen wrenches. For the first valve, we used a five millimeter wrench and twisted left until it stopped. With the next valve, we used an eight millimeter wrench. Then we screwed the caps back on.

Since we were already in the attic, we decided to go ahead and hook up the thermostat wire. The wiring options will depend on your own setup.

We did the same thing at the outdoor condenser by removing the valve covers and using the Allen wrenches to open the valves.

Once everything was connected, we turned on the power and the unit was ready to go.

The MrCool Universal is one of the most efficient heat pump air conditioners on the market. and we’ve created a way to install it easily and quickly.

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