MrCool Universal 2-3 Ton. Ask the Expert 368

Is the MrCool Universal either a 2 ton or a 3 ton?

Dan, help us out! Can you explain more about the MrCool Universal? MrCool Universal is the future of heating and cooling. Using advanced DC inverter technology, it perfectly calibrates your homes temperature. Effectively heating when outdoor temps get down to -22°F and cooling all the way up to 130°F. Each system can convert up or down in tonnage with MRCOOL's 2-3 ton and 4-5 ton system. It can scale capacity up as necessary or reduce it in mild weather. It can save you time, money, and over the long term, a lot of headache. The ability to operate at reduced capacity for long periods saves serious money. Likewise, the ability to scale up performance as the outside temperature fluctuates delivers significant versatility. Comfort for all homes and home sizes. Thanks, Dan!
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