How Much Do Ductless Mini Splits Cost? - Ask the Expert Episode 196

Today's question is from Patty. "How much do ductless mini splits cost?"

That's a good question because it depends. It's like anything else. If you want a cheap car, you can probably go find somebody selling one on ebay for like $100. Right? It's going to last like three days.

On the other hand, you could go to a dealer and get one for $50,000.

Mini splits are basically the same. If you just want a really basic mini split, you could probably get one for a little over $500. They are reasonably affordable. If you want a big multizone 50,000 BTU, with all the bells and whistles, a slide, a fireman's pole that goes up to the second floor, and maybe comes with a trampoline, it's going to cost more. You might spend $8,000 on one of your more premium units. Season to taste, as they say.

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