How Much Water Will a Dehumidifier Remove? - Ask the Expert 349

Ever wonder how much water will a dehumidifier remove? Lucky for you, the Expert is here! 

First off, the amount of water a dehumidifier can remove in a day is relative. Therefore, it depends on the size of your dehumidifier and the humidity in your space. Some other factors can determine how much water will be removed: Room temperature; Overall power; Amount of moisture in the air. With this in mind, it's possible to empty your bucket once every two days or even twice a day. Until you have reached your desired humidity level, between 30% - 50%, your dehumidifier should only be running intermittently to maintain that level. To sum up, it can remove up to 30 liters a day with some larger units collecting up to 50 liters! Even if your HVAC system is working properly, high humidity can make your home feel uncomfortable in both warm and cold weather. A portable or whole house dehumidifier will remove excess moisture year round. Not only will your house feel better, but decreased humidity will inhibit the spread of harmful molds and fungus. Make the healthy choice, and invest in superior humidity control technology for your family today. Thanks for the help, Dan!
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