How Much Will It Cost to Install a Ductless Unit? - Ask the Expert Episode 123

Depending on where you live, installing a ductless unit in your home could cost a lot or not that much. Dan Danowski is here to share his thoughts on the matter.

Video Script:

Today's question comes from Sean. "Hey Dan, how much should I expect to pay to have someone install my ductless air conditioner?"

That's a good question. The average cost in America $1,900. If you live in one of the big cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, or New York, it's going to be more expensive because everything is more expensive there. But maybe you live on a farm in Kansas and you know a guy who will do it for like $500 and a cow. Maybe that's cheaper. All said, it will probably hover somewhere around that $2,000 mark.

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  • David Roberts
    David Roberts
    Posted on 8/29/2018

    What does the number you're quoting include?
    Is the $1900-$2000 nationwide average a labor/knowledge number? What should I expect, or ask of a local contractor? For this number should I expect them to properly size and choose location for the minisplit unit/zones, install linesets, wire, connection to power, proper power disconnect at the unit, etc?
    I'm thinking of attempting to install and run power to a new 4 zone system in our barn addition. I'm hoping to have a company come check my connections/freon levels and power on the system on. Is this an unreasonable expectation to save money? Our barn addition really isn't condussive for the addition of ductwork so the mini splits seem logical.
    PS My education is electrical technology and I'm in rural Alabama... everything seems rather straight-forward, except unit placement and charging/evacuating the system.

  • Kyle
    Kyle from Ingrams
    Posted on 8/30/2018

    The cost is labor and expertise, and the latter is very necessary when installing certain products. You should definitely expect a local contractor to properly size the product, help you choose the best location, and do all the work necessary to install the product (as you said: lines, wires, power, etc). Some homeowners do what you propose. They install as much as they can then have a professional finish the installation. I would recommend you level them vacuum down the lines and ensure the system is properly charged. And you're right that it is rather straight-forward. Charging and evacuating does need specialized equipment and knowledge. Placement can be tricky. But we have a tech support department that you can always consult (for free).

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