Do I Need a New Heat Pump Air Conditioner? - Ask the Expert Episode 124

If your heat pump air conditioner stops working a technician could diagnose and fix the problem, but sometimes you just may need a new one. So, how do you know? Let's hear what Dan Danowski has to say.

Video Script:

Today's question is a long one. It comes from Maria: "Hey Dan, how do I know if I need a new heat pump air conditioner? I have a Trane XR11. My outside condenser fan was running slow, stopping and making a loud noise. The compressor was coming on. I replaced the capacitor and cleaned the fan shaft of debris. It had some pine needles wrapped around it. I sprayed it with WD-40. After doing all that, the fan turned at normal speed and we had cool air. However, the cool air only lasted about two hours and the fan stopped again. I turned everything off and tested turning the fan by hand. The fan turned smoothly. Now the compressor doesn't come on and we don't got cool air. So the condenser fan does come on at normal speed, but it stops and starts. So, do I need a new AC heat pump or should I try to get it fixed?"

That's a very long question! It does sound like a bad capacitor, so  you know, maybe that is the problem, something keeps killing the capacitor.

It could be you need a new fan motor. It could be a couple of things. What I would recommend is you get a tech to come out there to look at and diagnose to say hey, you know, this is wrong or this is bad. It's hard to say if you need a new unit for sure before you know what's wrong with the old one. Either way, if you need a new capacitor, you could call us and maybe we could order you one. Or if you need a new unit after the tech diagnosis it, we could get you a new unit.

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