Do I Need Permits For HVAC Installs? - Ask The Expert Episode 303

Today's question is a general question.

"Do I need a permit for an HVAC installation?"

Maybe. The correct answer is check your local codes. Some places you will need a permit for everything. Others won't be as strict. If you hire a professional, they will be pulling the permits for you. If you're doing it yourself, you will need to pull them if your are the homeowner.

You shouldn't need permits though if you are replacing an existing unit with the same type of unit and not making any modifications to any structures. Also, you shouldn't need one for a window unit.

But always call your local code enforcement to make sure so you aren't paying for it later.

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  • John Caporale
    John Caporale
    Posted on 4/19/2022

    In many places where mechanical work requires a permit, the installer also requires a license, so, catch 22 for DIY mechanical work.... I'm not sure how enforceable that is, to tell a homeowner they can't install their own water heater or furnace, etc.

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