New MrCool Tankless Water Heater

The MrCool Tankless Water Heater is here! It’s an energy star certified super efficient system, that specializes in a high volume and flow rate, accommodating up to four home appliances - all at the same time! It comes with propane and natural gas options and exceeds emission standards nationwide with its ultra low NOx feature - so it can be installed any and everywhere. Each unit comes standard with flush ports, pressure release valves, vent collars and bird screens - at no additional cost! Best of all, it comes with a 15-year heat exchanger, 5 year parts and a 5 year limited labor warranty. And with 2023 new tax credits, there’s no better time than now to get your MrCool Tankless Water Heater. It’s important to note this system is not a DIY - its installation & service must be performed by a qualified installer, service agency, or gas supplier!
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can this unit be installed electrically or just gas?
Rebekah Quarles
The only units available will be natural gas and propane. There is not an electric MRCOOL Tankless Water Heater.
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