How Often Should I Change The Air Filter? - Ask the Expert Episode 103

In this episode, expert Dan Danowski, tells us about the best time to change the air filter in for your air conditioning system.

Video Script:

Hi, welcome to ask the expert. I'm your expert, Dan Danowski. We answer all your pressing heating and air conditioning questions. I was a member of the 1996 Buffalo Bills. Few people know that. That was before my extradition, anyway, let's get to the question.

Today's question comes from Dianne is Fox Crossing, Montana. Beautiful place, Fox Crossing. "Hey Dan, how often should I change my air filter?"

That's a good question. Changing your air filter regularly is the number one thing as a home owner you can do to keep your heating and air conditioning system in good working order. So, how often should you change it? The answer is whenever it's too dirty. If you live by yourself and you don't have a lot of dirt around your house, maybe you could go a couple of months, but you should check it every month just in case.

That's a rule of thumb I like to live by and I've got two thumbs, so I've got other rules too.

Maybe you've got a bunch of kids and a dog and a cat and a parrot. Maybe Aunt Edna comes and stays for a couple of weeks and she's got terrible dandruff, you'll need to check it more often. You will want to check it every two weeks and you'll want to change it at least monthly.

If you don't, you can check it and if it's okay, you can let it go for a little while. And that's the answer. I'm your host, Dan, bye.

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  • Chase
    Posted on 4/10/2018

    Very helpful, and funny!

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