How often should I change my A.C. Air Filter? - Ask the Expert 345

Today's question comes from someone who knows the A.C. Air Filter should be changed, but not how often. Good news for that viewer, the Expert is on the case!   Visit for all of your H.V.A.C. and water equipment needs. The expert demands it!
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Edwin Crenshaw
I have a metal Air Filter that came with my 5 ton universal air handler, is this ok to use all the time or should i purchase another type filter, the metal one is nice but odes not seem to have the filtration others have but it did come with the unit from Ingrams, what should be used???? Thanks Ed
Rebekah Quarles
You can use a replaceable filter instead.
Eugene J Desjardins
When I lived in Southern Texas I had to change my AC filter every month, but since I moved to northern Maine I change my heat pump central system filter maybe 2-3 times per year. I guess there’s a lot less pollution in Northern Maine.
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